Posted by: Dirk | January 3, 2017

Data source for US sectoral balances (links to data and updated graph)

A new year, a new look at the US economy:


These are the sectoral balances for the US, which can be accessed through FRED here:

private sector

government sector

ROTW (rest of the world = current account)

To get an updated version of the graph above you can click here to go to the FRED2 website.

It looks like the private sector is starting to save more and/or invest less. The government deficit has stabilized, and so has the current account deficit. Given that the dollar is expensive and global growth weak, demand from the rest of the world will be relatively weak. In order to grow, demand must come from domestic sources then. The private sector, as I just wrote, does not seem to go on a spending binge (and into debt) right now, so it seems like expansionary fiscal policy is the way forward. Let’s see what 2017 brings.



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