MMT and European Macroeconomics

coverMy book has been published in late August 2016 with Routledge. It can be purchased from them (link) or via or through other online and real world bookshops. A German (original) version can be bought from Metropolis here.

I gave a summer school course based on the book in July 2016 at Maastricht University and will probably do so again in late July or early August 2017! Stay tuned…

A paperback version and an ebook are to appear in the future, with the ebook scheduled for this year and the paperback for 2018.

I am now working on a textbook that incorporates the insights from the book in a style that is proper for a lecture.

Book presentations:

January 11, 2017: 6PM @ Institute for International Political Economy (IPE), Berlin School of Economics and Law, Badensche Strasse 52, room B 5.44: ‘The consequences of a Euro Treasury for a TARGET2-based eurozone


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