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ehntsI am a research assistant at Technical University Chemnitz and have worked as a guest lecturer at the Berlin School for Economics and Law in Berlin from 2012-14 and as a visiting professor for Latin American macroeconomics at Free University of Berlin’s Latin American Institute in summer 2014. I completed my doctoral degree in 2008 after participating in the PhD program “Globalization and Employment” at the University of Oldenburg. In this blog I write about stuff that crosses my mind, mostly from Economics and related fields. I try to keep the vocabulary simple so that hopefully everybody can understand it. That is why the blog is named econoblog101. The views expressed here are my own, and this website is not affiliated with Bard College Berlin or any other institution.

My lectures slides for the Maastricht Summer School can be downloaded here: [Maastricht Monday] [Maastricht Tuesday] [Maastricht Wednesday][Maastricht MC][Maastricht further reading]

My articles can be downloaded here. My book on Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics is available from Routledge here.

The Samuel-Pufendorf-Society for political economy’s website, which is in German, can be found under http://www.pufendorf-gesellschaft.org/. The society is a tax-exempt NGO that focuses on sponsoring academic research on money and financial issues and the transfer of scientific content into the public sphere.

Editing of my articles: In case I make some mistake(s) using the English language I will edit my posts after publishing them. I will and have not changed any content in order to change my view or my arguments. If I do, or if I want to add something interesting, I write UPDATE: DD/MM/YY below the original text.

Commenting: Comments that I find interesting will be approved. Since there are not many comments yet, I might change the policy at a later date.

Front page picture: taken at Machu Picchu, Peru. Location on Google Maps.


  1. Dear Dr. Ehnts:

    Although I have no academic degree, I have allways been completely interested in economics and trying to study the best I can, especially in this terrible crisis times.
    Also I can very difficult express my self in another language than my spanish, but I congratulate very much you for the very valuable aid that you give. I thank you for this, and will be on the watch for your very welcome “random comments”.
    Rodolfo Ornelas Chávez.

  2. I like your philosophy. I have this puzzle I’ve thrown at the high priests of modern macro: can they fit Minsky into their models? I think it can be done, but requires effort to collect more data.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Dirk,

    goodle’s alert brought me to your “econoblog 101″ which, I am sure, refers to Henry Hazlitt’s :”Economics in One Leson” which I just re-read and do recommend to do the same to everybody. I wonder if you are also familiar with the writings of Jean Baptist SAY, perhaps the most consistent defender of capitalism and free trade in economics.
    However, I was much urprised that you mentioned Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” which is so good as unknown in Germany. I have been familar with the philosophy of Ayn Rand for now almost 30 years and I only can recommend to anybody to have just a look at ww.aynrand.com

    I wish you good premises,

    Horst Jepsen

  4. Interested?


  5. Great blog and great blogger: I appreciate your erudite and non-conventional approach.

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