Posted by: Dirk | January 22, 2018

Lecture tonight at Hamburg University

Tonight at 6PM I will give a lecture with the title Modern Money Theory and European Macroeconomics – an Alternative to the Policy of Austerity?. It takes place at room S27 at Von-Melle-Park 9, Hamburg University. The lecture is part of a series organized by AK Plurale Ökonomik Hamburg and will be held in English. More information is available here.



  1. Hi Dirk,

    I have only recently come across your blog. I did notice that you have recently published an MMT text. I haven’t been ale to have a look at it yet, but are you familiar with Bill Mitchell’s introductory textbook on MMT?

    • Yes, I am. I haven’t gone through the full book though. Bill was in Berlin last fall to present his Eurozone Dystopia book in German, where I saw him last. I also met Martin Watts at the UMKC conference last year.

  2. Dirk, any chance this lecture will be recorded on video?


    John B. Lounsbury Ph.D. CFP

    Managing Editor

    Senior Contributor

    Highly ranked author Seeking Alpha


    • No, sorry. I‘m on my way back to Berlin. Hamburg University‘s recording team had another talk to cover. best, Dirk

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