Posted by: Dirk | September 21, 2015

Modern Monetary Theory @ Berlin (FMM conference), October 23rd

This October (22-24) the FMM conference 2015 will take place in Berlin-Steglitz. The title of the conference is The Spectre of Stagnation? Europe in the World Economy. The program is available now on the website of the organizers. There are many very interesting session on the crisis and beyond. The conference also features a panel on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) on Friday (23rd) from 3PM onwards:


What is Modern Monetary Theory? It is an approach of understanding the economic system from a balance sheet perspective. The methodology is hence completely different from mainstream equilibrium approaches. Lately, MMT has gained more and more traction both in the US and elsewhere. For those who are interested in reading a bit before attending the session (hopefully) I can recommend Randall Wray’s US-centered Primer in MMT (online, book) and my own book (in German) which is compatible with MMT and focuses on the euro zone (blog, book).


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