Posted by: Dirk | February 25, 2015

The political economy of European social democrats and the euro

survey from Italy was published some days ago which asked people what they think about the euro. The results were not surprising, with many people saying that the euro made life complicated and should be abandoned (= against the euro). It is interesting to take a look at the dynamics at the party level:


30.5% of Italians are against the euro, but the social democrats of PD are relatively happy with it. Voters of other parties are not so happy with the euro. The situation in France is similar, with only 12.3% of PS voters being against the euro while on the extremist right (FN) the percentage is 47.%.

Social democrats all over Europe have invested a lot of political capital in the euro. Recently, the Greek social democrats scored less than 5 percent of the vote in national elections. In Spain, Podemos is set to overtake the Partido Socialista (which is social democrat) in the next elections.

The longer the trouble with the euro continues, the more likely it is that social democrats in Europe will be relegated to the status of a minor party, or so it seems.


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