Posted by: Dirk | December 29, 2014

Boom Bust Click – money (and no money) in a movie

Terry Jones, member of Monty Python, has a go at explaining economics in a documentary set to be released next year. It is another sign that something is wrong with the discipline. I don’t see any cartoon or puppet-featuring explanations of how quantum mechanics work (actually, I do) because apparently there is no demand. The few cartoons that exist do nothing else but explain things that are complicated in a way that is, hopefully, a little bit simpler but not too simple. This has happened to economics, too. There are some cartoons which show stuff in a nice and easy accessible fashion, like this and this and this. However, the documentary has its focus on how money and credit really work, which is very different from what many macroeconomists and monetary economists believe, say and write. Something’s wrong in the state of deutschmark.*

(* sorry for being 12 years too late with this line. According to Google, there are no prior uses – it’s mine!)


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