Posted by: Dirk | June 19, 2013

Christian symbols on new euro coins surprise NY Times

The NY Times is apparently upset about A more Securlar Europe, Divided by the Cross:

Archbishop Zvolensky of Bratislava predicted that efforts at European unity are doomed unless the union gives a bigger place to God. “Religion should be the inner strength of the union,” he said.

He does see one encouraging sign: Slovakia’s national bank has decided to stick with its original coin design and abandon plans for a halo-free minting in honor of Cyril and Methodius.

The European Commission has gone along with this, and the commemorative coins will finally be minted next month — two months later than originally planned — but with halos and crosses.

Nice reporting except that the idea of religious symbols on euro coins is not exactly new. The Dutch €2 coin reads: “God zij met ons” (god with us). And have a look at this selection (via

Euro-MuenzenSlowakia’s coin features the patriarchal cross. Austria’s shows a Christian cathedral, Portugal’s a cross and San Marino’s a church. However, there is also a coin showing Galileo:


Guess who issued that coin (and no, the answer is not Vatican city)!*

* backwards the answer reads ONIRAM NAS

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