Posted by: Dirk | April 27, 2010

Angus Maddison

As the OECD reports, Angus Maddison has passed away recently:

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría lamented the recent death of the distinguished British economist Angus Maddison, who held a number of senior posts at the OECD and its fore-runner, the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation, between 1953 and 1978.

Mr. Maddison, born in 1926, was Emeritus Professor of Economic Growth and Development at the University of Groningen and authored more than 20 books.

His collaboration with the OECD continued until the last moment, particularly through the landmark studies The World Economy: A Millienial Perspective and Historical Statistics and Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run, 960-2030 A.D., published by the OECD Development Centre.

His interest in economic growth and collecting data on the world economy were extraordinary, his major achievement The World Economy: a millenial perspective stands tall. Here’s a link to the website accompanying the book.


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