Posted by: Dirk | July 20, 2009

Exciting economics

Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 1962, p.90-1:

Confronted with anomaly or with crisis, scientists take a different attitude toward existing paradigms, and the nature of their research changes accordingly. The proliferation of competing articulations, the willingness to try anything, the expression of explicit discontent, the recourse to philosophy and to debate over fundamentals , all these are symptons of a transition from normal to extra-ordinary research. It is upon their existence more than upon that of revolutions that the notion of normal science depends.

.. and from my e-mail inbox, an e-mail from Dennis Snower, President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy:

Dear Colleague,
New section on “Business Cycle Analysis”
We are going to launch a section on “Business Cycle Analysis”. The idea of this section is to create a forum in which business cycle related analysis can be published subject to a peer review process. The forum will be a special section in our journal like the policy paper section. Contributions to this section should have a strong focus on issues concerning business cycle analysis that are of current interest. Ideally they should deal with aspects that are relevant to the global economy or apply at least to a large number of countries or a major economy. Contributions should be innovative—though we do not require that they introduce new methodological aspects to the literature. We accept contributions to business cycle forecasting as well as contributions to the more general analysis of macroeconomic phenomena which are of direct relevance for business cycle analysis. The length of contributions can range from that of a brief note to full article length.

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