Posted by: Dirk | May 7, 2008

Why the strong euro is bad for the EU’s exports

At the workshop for International Economic Relations at the University of Göttingen I made the case that the strong euro (due to a weak dollar) will hurt German and European exports. This is contrary to what many people say, among them business leaders and Economists (see my earlier post here). Until now, exports keep growing at constant pace.

Since Sebastian Dullien covered much space in his post at RGE, I focussed on the real world in the euro zone (GDP, trade) and the role of the exchange rate in determining exports. Here is my presentation (PDF).


  1. […] be the worst. China has seen imports fall only 2.2 percent, according to the New York Times. So the myth that Germany would not see her exports reduced strongly is exposed. Possibly related posts: […]

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