Posted by: Dirk | April 30, 2007

Iraq: The Long Fuse

In a recent book review in the Economist, Sir Michael Rose, a retired British general, likens George W. Bush to King George III. of Britain:

According to the author, Mr Bush has been every bit as arrogant, ignorant, misguided and ill-advised as was George III. Britain, then the world’s greatest power, was defeated by the American “insurgents”; in a similar way, America will be defeated in Iraq.

While the war in Iraq and its circumstances hardly went unnoticed, not everybody knows too much about Washington’s War (this is the title of Sir Rose’s book) and how it came to be. “The Long Fuse: How England Lost the American Colonies 1760-1785” is a different book that focuses on the political events in Britain and the American colonies that lead to the war, and the ill-prepared efforts to reach a peace settlement during the war. The story is quite interesting, and is probably more readable than a military history.


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