Posted by: Dirk | April 17, 2007

(Book review) Wealth of networks

To be honest: I have not finished reading this yet. So far, I made about 400 pages. This book can be receommended, this should be clear. The question here is: Are the rules that were made for societies undertaking industrial production also good for societies which develop knowledge? As we see the manufacturing activity stagnate or decline in the West, the service sector becomes more important. With it, rules have changed in a lot of industries: music, film, software, to name just a few. Benkler describes how production works with free open-source software, how information can and should be distributed, how communication works between you and your TV or between you and others that watch your video on youtube. Some say the industrial revolution will be dwarfed by the information revolution. Even if that’s wrong, our lives will change. This book provides a start to understand how. The book is available in traditional form or online at Wikipedia – for free.


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